In this phase, works undertaken in the project are to be consolidated, the capacity of the community to be augmented to manage the resources, and linkages established sustainability of the livelihoods and natural resources. An indicative list of various activities during this phase is as:


  • Consolidation of various works, preparation of Project Completion Report (PCR) with details about status of each intervention, documentation of successful experiences as well as lessons learnt for future use.
  • Develop Action Plans for management and maintenance of developed natural resources, rules / procedures for allocation of users right, collection of user charges.
  • Establish and institutionalize linkages with federations, gram panchayat for above.
  • Intensification of farm production systems/off-farm livelihoods, up scaling of successful experiences through revolving fund under the project as well as credit and technical support from external institutions;
  • Promotion of agro-processing, establishing marketing linkages of raw produce and value added produce.
  • Third party evaluation of project as per the expected outcomes, Social Audit.
  • Withdrawal of WDT