This phase is the heart of the programme in which the DPR will be implemented. The main objective of IWMP is to involve the watershed / village communities directly with all activities to achieve the concept of ‘Peoples’ Participation’ for sustainability of the entire programme. Emphasis should be given on utilization of local resources (materials & human). Some of the important activities to be included in this phase are:


  • Ridge Area Treatment, including such activities as required to restore the health of the catchment area by reducing the volume and velocity of surface runoff, including regeneration of vegetative cover in forest and common land, afforestation, staggered trenching, contour and graded bunding, bench terracing etc.
  • Drainage line treatment with a combination of vegetative and engineering structures, such as earthen checks, brushwood checks, gully plugs, loose boulder checks, gabion structures, underground dykes etc.
  • Water resource development through construction of water harvesting structures such as low-cost farm ponds, nalla bunds, check-dams, percolation tanks, wells, ring wells, bore wells and ground water recharge structures.
  • Nursery raising for fodder, fuel, timber and horticultural species. As far as possible local species may be given priority.
  • Land development including in-situ soil and moisture conservation and drainage management measures like field bunds, contour and graded bunds fortified with plantation, bench terracing in hilly terrain etc.
  • Crop demonstrations for popularizing new crops/varieties, water saving technologies such as drip irrigation or innovative management practices. As far as possible varieties based on the local germplasm may be promoted.
  • Pasture development, sericulture, bee keeping, back yard poultry, small ruminant, other livestock and micro-enterprises.
  • Veterinary services for livestock and other livestock improvement measures
  • Fisheries development in village ponds/tanks, farm ponds etc.
  • Promotion and propagation of non-conventional energy saving devices, energy conservation measures, bio fuel plantations etc.