The major activities of the Projects will be sequenced into (I) Preparatory, (ii) Works and (iii) Consolidation and withdrawal Phase. The project duration could be in the range of four to seven years depending upon the activities. The DPR should mention the detailed justification for the proposed project duration. The project duration may be spread over 3 different phases as given below:

Phase Name Duration
I. Preparatory Phase 1 - 2 years
II. Watershed Works Phase 2 - 3 years
III. Consolidation & Withdrawal Phase 1- 2 years


The classification of activities in the three phases must not be understood in a rigid manner. Many of the Phase III activities may even start in many watersheds during Phase I and/or II itself. Phasing of activities needs to have an internal logic and integrity that must flow through the entire action plan. This will depend on a host of factors such as the prevailing initial conditions, needs and possibilities in each village, response of the community etc.