As per the Common Guidelines for Watershed Development Projects, Government of India, geo-hydrological units of average size of 1000 to 5000 hectares comprising of clusters of micro-watersheds can be considered as single project area. However, the project area can vary, depending upon the ground situation. While identifying the IWMP watersheds, efforts will be made to include whole watersheds as a project. However, for easy administration, GP boundaries may be matched with the watershed boundaries. In such cases, if a small portion of a GP is lying outside the IWMP watershed boundary, this portion may be included under IWMP watershed. Alternately, if only a small portion of GP is covered and most of the area is outside of the IWMP watershed project area, the GP is to be excluded. The number of micro-watersheds in the project may be limited to 4 - 6 by clubbing the geo-hydrological units together for easy administration of the project.