Besides the regular internal monitoring system of WBSWDA, an independent external agency has been engaged for a functional result based monitoring system during the life of project itself, with a concurrent corrective mechanism. The basic purposes are:

· Support the project functionaries at all levels with an objective and independent observations of an external agency, thereby adding value to the learning processes.

· Introduce state of art technology such as Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS in the evaluation of watershed projects for unbiased and reliable impact assessment of changes.

· Involving all stakeholders of the project like the Community, Executive Committee, Community-based organisations such as Self Help Groups and User Groups, NGOs and the Watershed Development Team in contributing in concerted manner for effective implementation of the project.

· Share results in near time with all stakeholders regarding the progress and performance of the project and process interventions for effective mid-course corrections.

· Regular checks to confirm that the project activities are implemented in conformity with the Revised Common Guidelines 2011, directions of GoI and WBSWDA.

· Prepare documentation for all aspects of the project at various stages of implementation.

During 2011-12 and 2012-13, 119 projects in ten districts of West Bengal were covered under IWMP projects. AFC Ltd has been engaged as the external agency for MELD for these 119 projects, for a period of 48 months, from April 2015. The monitoring reports can be seen on the link provided below.